Description: This cinematic rendition of the sacred Christian hymn 'Amazing Grace' is uplifting & optimistic. The determined drums, epic strings, upbeat piano, powerful percussion, positive message & strong electric guitar make this emotional & inspirational. A fresh new energy to a well-known traditional melody

Description: A pulsing dramatic orchestra, mysterious, modern & sophisticated. The pizzicato strings are dangerous, dynamic & careful. The ethereal piano is anxious, forboding & intelligent. The clarinet melody is moody, hypnotic & dark. The electronic drums are urgent urban & textural. Light, clever & classy.

Description: This is a determined driving symphony soundtrack. Sincere hopeful strings, noble chimes, confident rousing snare drum march, powerful victorious brass, & strong empowering bass. Regal hearted & serious building with anticipation to a glorious, grandiose, & majestic sense of victory & proud freedom.

Description: The sacred Christian hymn 'Come Thou Fount' is a familiar traditional folk tune. Soft vibrant melodies building & climbing to a soaring passionate & exciting climax. The deep acoustic cello is poignant & moving. The flying violins are sweet bright, & elegant. Calm & serene yet uplifting & positive.

Description: The soft minimal acoustic grand piano has joyful creativity & gentle discovery. The carefree bells are charming, innocent & simple. The building electric guitar is driving, determined & hopeful. The celeste is sincere, tender & lively. The powerful bass & textural violins are triumphant, calm & warm

Description: This slow, emotive & compelling piece an elegant rendition of the sacred Christian hymn "Our Saviors Love". A gentle flowing & somber start with quiet, tender tones, simple sincere & smooth melodies. The sweet sad calm is soft, serene & searching. It's tranquil reflective moving yet bright & refined

Description: An intimate instrumental piece with soft acoustic guitar, bright grand piano, confident upright bass, mellow violins, cheerful bells, & fresh vocals. While sweet, serene & soothing, it is heartfelt, hopeful, & happy. The positive feel can be sentimental, inspirational or a gentle breezy carefree.

Description: The empowering carefree playful mood gives an exuberant, youthful & fearless joy. The bright rhythmic acoustic guitar is fresh, warm & lively. The driving upbeat drums are powerful, punchy & confident. The triumphant vocals are friendly & heartwarming. A celebratory lighthearted feeling of freedom.

Description: A suspenseful captivating intro breaks into an exhilarating vibrant symphony. The powerful chimes are heroic & hopeful. The driving drums are upbeat & determined. The soaring strings aggressive, emotional & grandiose. The bright horns are majestic, proud & intense. Dramatic piano & energetic bells

Description: This moving, dynamic counterpoint is joyful, optimistic & fun. The traditional steady motor-rhythm is upbeat, bright & bouncy. The calm, quiet, simple & clean tone is happy, friendly & flowing. The elegant, sophisticated feel is cinematic & clever. Sweet, soft, smooth & pretty yet merry & playful.

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