Description: This dynamic piece is mysterious, elegant & minimalistic, a la Philip Glass. Soft reflective mood is calm, sad but bright. Slow gentle harmonies are glassy sweet & quiet. The warm tranquil tender emotion is cool smooth simple & sincere. It is dreamy searching longing & serious yet pulsing & driving.

Description: The shimmering electric guitar melodies are intense & textural. The driving determined drums are upbeat & deliberate. The rhythmic pulsing bass is strong & punchy. The bright acoustic guitar is colorful, positive & fresh. It's vibrant, youthful, captivating yet motivational, encouraging & empowering

Description: The warm acoustic guitar is gentle & fresh. The carefree upright bass is cheerful & bouncy. The bright glockenspiel bells are optimistic light & hopeful. The playful Ukelele is innocent & youthful. The vibrant melodica is intelligent & quirky. the calm drums & breezy tambourine are relaxed & upbeat.

Description: The sweet simple grand piano is refined, sad & dance-like. The soft elegant strings are earthy, majestic & magical. The tender textural celeste is mysterious, mystical & eerie. The flowing atmospheric soprano vocals are haunting, ominous & enchanting. Wondrous, reflective, soothing & sophisticated.

Description: Traditional adventurous buccaneer music. The dramatic, energetic acoustic guitar is rough, rowdy & fun. The perky piccolo solo is theatrical, catchy & bouncy. The upbeat action percussion is explosive, punchy & lively. The determined & driving strings are courageous & defiant. Epic tribal drumming.

Description: A sweet building symphony of joyful empowering melodies. The soft light innocent grand piano, driving energetic acoustic guitar, confident chimes, cheerful bells, powerful timpani, & hopeful lively strings, make this a positive, determined & sentimental piece. Happy exciting fun collegiate mood.

Description: The innocent piano begins soft, tender & sweet adding a gentle acoustic guitar gives a fresh energy, building with dramatic cellos and climbing violins the strings are bright, elegant & big. The drums add a rhythmic upbeat & fun background. From simple, warm, & sincere to a brilliant pop symphony.

Description: The bright mandolin is catchy & relaxed. Fun marimba & joyful piano are light, playful & positive. The cheerful bells & mellow bass are bouncy & rhythmic. Sophisticated strings add a sweet, fresh & refined flavor. Adventurous discovery, creative & innovative yet heartwarming, sentimental & innocent.

Description: A journey thru a variety of emotions; passionate, meditative, mechanical,hopeful, majestic, brooding, then breathtaking. Building strings with lyrical solo violin add captivating tension & ominous foreboding. Eastern tone & solo flute are mystical. Beautiful female vocals & strong dramatic choir.

Description: A bright & exciting start evolving & building into an empowering, inspirational & uplifting symphony. The edgy bass is dynamic & powerful, flying violins are triumphant & thrilling, warm cellos are driving, strong & dramatic. Rousing drums are stirring & upbeat. Fun & catchy yet epic & motivational.

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