Description: Electronic, chill, rhythmic track

Description: Experimental rock/electronic hybrid featuring synthesizers, drums, wagner bass drum, panpipe, solo dinuba, bass guitar, electric guitars

Description: Cinematic trance/house track, featuring electronic instruments, percussion, and dynamic brass

Description: I’ve been experimenting with ambient textures recently and produced this instrumental track featuring cinematic, rhythmic, and ethereal sounds.

Description: Taps in the key of D, contemplative, slightly dynamic

Description: Simple, laid back reggae track featuring bass, percussion, drums, organ, electric guitar, flute

Description: Dramatic score featuring solo boy, choir, string effects, percussion, electronic instruments, horn clusters

Description: Deck The Halls - Mellow 30 second version, muted electric guitar, contrabass, synth bells

Description: Deck The Halls - Mellow (electric guitar, contrabass, synth bells)

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