Description: medium-tempo, quirky swing/jazz piece with plenty of horns and percussion

Description: dramatic cue with staccato & legato strings, piano work, woodwinds, a short dramatic break and a dynamic piano-forte ending.

Description: An upbeat orchestral tune featuring strings, French horns, and flutes

Description: Dark, quirky theme featuring orchestra and pipe organ

Description: an uptempo, dynamic inspirational theme - strings, horns, woodwinds, drums, harp, chimes.

Description: solo fiddle with supporting strings, drums, and galican bagpipes.

Description: A dynamic rhythmic track featuring only percussive instruments

Description: In the vein of Gershwin, melodic swing theme, featuring piano, cellos, violins, timpani, pizzicato strings, and clarinet

Description: Dark, moody, dramatic cue with sparse piano work, exotic percussion, low vocal work, synthesizer

Description: This moody theme mixes Asian and African instruments with ambient electronics and simple piano work

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