Description: epic, driving and energetic pop track with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals and piano

Description: smooth, tropical dubstep/future bass instrumental with synths, drums, percussion, piano and pan flute

Description: smooth trip-hop instrumental, with synths, piano, saxophone, percussion and drums

Description: groovy, dancehall beat with punchy bass, synths, arpeggiators and leads

Description: mysterious, oriental tune with drones, flute, percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals

Description: positive and hopeful pop tune with piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, bells, percussion and background vocals

Description: slowly building, dreamy and epic orchestral/cinematic track with acoustic guitar, strings, french horn, woodwinds, piano and percussion

Description: Driving, punchy industrial rock with heavy guitars, bass, drums, synths and machine sounds

Description: Epic, driving dubstep instrumental, with pulsating bassline, synths, fx, sirene, choir and punchy drums,

Description: happy driving instrumental with acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bass, drums, percussion and claps

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