Description: An old school new opening for news telecast on TV

Description: A perfect logo for a news opening. Use this for a tv spot or commercial breaking news spot.

Description: Exciting news opening logo backed with tight horns sections. This is perfect for television spots

Description: A cheeky sounding logo of music opening for a show or cartoon animation.

Description: Entirely made with strings logo, suitable for opening of shows or news on TV.

Description: A magical sounding logo that is suitable for an opening of a show on TV!

Description: An adventurous sounding logo that is good for an opening of a history or discovery show

Description: An action packed logo suitable for action shows or car chasing scenes.

Description: Simple affection starts off with a solo piano which that builds up and gets accompanied by orchestral instruments to form film score.

Description: Tribal sounding but still retaining the childish-ness and made suitable for children. This track also loop seamlessly so you can use it for apps, games and your animations. Enjoy listening and use this to boost your project's likability too!

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