Description: Native American atmosphere with rhythmic drum and native flute melody.

Description: Swashbuckling, high adventure in old Hollywood style.

Description: Two General, Pop Industrial Logo Transition FX Moderate Medium Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Drums Bass Transition Morning Travelling Moving Contemporary Modern Television TV Radio.

Description: Light and simple tune with piano and rhythm section.

Description: Light and airy piano and synth transition.

Description: Light, Pop Hip Industrial Medium Up-tempo Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Humorous Funny Piano Drums Bass Brass Xylophone Marimba Combo Conclusion Background Comic Comedy Urban Travelling Moving American Party Old Industry Television TV Advertizing Stylish.

Description: Hard, Orchestral Drama Industrial Spot FX Heavy Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Determined Resolute Confident Strong Strength Proud Serious Sober Concerned Intense Dark Synthesizer Brass French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Suspense Tension Background War Militarism Night Travelling Moving Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Films.

Description: Friendly light rhythm track with featuring electric piano.

Description: News theme open with rhythm section and orchestra.

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