Description: This charming uplifting track combines motivational and corporate style with a beautiful melody. Positive and inspiring it is lifting your mood. Good for various media projects

Description: Hip-hop music track with defined rhythm. Uplifting piece that can be a great background for a tv a radio show, commercial, project, connected with fashion and something cool. To make it perfect we used a lot of instruments like drums, synths, bass, guitars, e.piano, trumpet, vocals/harmonies, vocal samples and scratch. Enjoy!

Description: Jazz music track with positive melody. The track is created with traditional drums, bass and piano. The piece should be perfect for your project, background or main theme.Can also me used in movies, mobile apps, commercials.

Description: Inspiring music track with uplifting melody, This light rock piece is great for presentations, slide shows, podcasts, videos about nature and traveling. It features guitars, bass and drums.

Description: Romantic, a bit melancholic music track. Jazz piece for various projects like commercial, slideshow, love story. The tune is created with piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: So happy joyful tune for children commercials and programs ot any projects where you need positive carefree atmosphere. The instruments are ukulele, piano, drums, bass, bells, claps and synths. Wonderful tune!

Description: Wonderful playful tune for projects for children, applications, cartoons, commercials. Carefree cheerful mood is created with piano, bells, ukulele, guitars, flute, synths, drums, claps and bass. Joyful optimistic piece to make your day brighter.

Description: Beautiful positve jazz music track created with piano, bass, drums and strings. It has a little vintage touch that make it good for movies, commercials or backgrounds in casino or restaurant. The track easily creates good mood.

Description: The team of fearless heros is ready to defend us from the enemy. The piece is created with drums, strings, brass, woods, synths and FX. Dramatic but rousing, it is perfect for blockbuster scene, fil trailer, video game.

Description: This beautiful music track creates carefree atmosphere of jazz cafe. Cheerful and lively, it was created with drums, bass, piano, vibes, strings. The track is perfect for tv and radio programs, commercials, other media projects.

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