Description: vibrant, hip, celebratory instrumental that gives sense of visiting a fantastical locale such as monte carlo.

Description: pop, dance type instrumental that has a futuristic vibe. gives sense of clubbin' in the future. upbeat.

Description: pop track with dance vibe. vibrant, uptempo and celebratory. good for dance shows.

Description: uplifting, inspirational track. gives vibe of standing by someone or loving someone. romantic.

Description: cinematic type track, good for military/action. soldiers marching to war. strings,drums, choral voices.

Description: track uses sci-fi sounding/mysterious string for chorus over banging drums and bass.

Description: cinematic, great for tv and film. somber, solemn in tone. uses strings over dark piano.

Description: uses choral voices with strings and synth lead to provide a slow tempo backing track.

Description: military war type march music. cinematic, gives sense of soldiers marching to war.

Description: hip hop beat that is good for background or main. uses sythesized voice with bangin' beat.

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