Description: a somber, dramatic track. a call to arms for soldiers in preparation for war. uses french horns, drums, strings, and a spacious choral voice.

Description: a happy, joyous track that is perfect for applications with these needs. uses whistle with distorted bell and strings to provide a fun track.

Description: instrumental using strings, drums, and radio effect voice.

Description: laid back old school underground sounding instrumental.

Description: somewhat alternative hip hop track using arpeggiated synth sound over drums.

Description: lively, joyous piece. gives sense of a beautiful lady in entering an upscale club.

Description: basic hip hop instrumental using strings, drums and radio effect voice.

Description: rock track, fast drums, screaming guitars with effects and distortion. perfect for all applications.

Description: sounds like a pop contemporary track for a modern spy film. hip hop vibe. slow tempo.

Description: mid-tempo track that has a gracious, calming vibe. perfect for tv.

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