Description: Dramatic, war music. Stirring, Grand, Movie trailer

Description: vibrant, hip, celebratory instrumental that gives sense of visiting a fantastical locale such as monte carlo.

Description: military war type march music. cinematic, gives sense of soldiers marching to war.

Description: modern hip hop/pop track using synth leads, whistle,flutes..great for applications needing lively productions.

Description: lively hip hop sounding backing track using strings whistle.

Description: vibrant instrumental with a hip hop/pop flavor. a somewhat mixture of cinematic sounding strings/brass with hip, modern arpeggiated strings.

Description: track uses sci-fi sounding/mysterious string for chorus over banging drums and bass.

Description: Epic, Movie trailer music, War, military

Description: takes loop that sounds similar to "here comes the bride" and twists it, providing a fun,vibrant alternative.

Description: dark,somber, instrumental using mysterious sounding string, clav, drums.

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