Description: Tension building hip hop using strings,drums. Similar to reality show cues.

Description: Urban track with lively symphonic string elements. Anticipation, Tension

Description: low tempo, gangsta, hardcore sounding instrumental.

Description: celebratory, triumphant track has victorius feel to it. uses coliseum horns over stirring drums.

Description: Dance type pop in the vein of Rihanna,Lady Gaga, Britney Spears

Description: War,Miliatary dramatic movie trailer music

Description: relaxing track using horns and a flute. great for tv.

Description: cinematic, great for tv and film. somber, solemn in tone. uses strings over dark piano.

Description: Tension,conflict cue using minimalist production building to climax.

Description: laid back piece using piano violin and a jazz riff at end.

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