Description: This music created for positive emotions ! People of the hole world spinning in the big energetic wave !

Description: Trap Hip Hop This is trap hip hop inspiring modern dance composition with fashion, action, dance club moods. Pictures of expencive cars, fashion drive and energetic people, awesome and incredible people hip hop, dancing trap womans, DJ Parties, modern companies, big parties in the summer beach, summer days girls, pop moods, sports achivments, dancing and joyful fitness womans, extreme sports, beautiful fitness girls, people in happyness, Ibiza parties. Instruments of Trap Hip Hop Trap Dance Drums Hip Hop Synths Dancing Bass Urban Youth Synths Good for trap hip hop dance, dancing DJ Parties, urban videos, rising soundtrack, sport trap uplifting tv shows

Description: This is aggressive dirty hard and heavy rock advertising composition with distorted rock guitar and dirty rock punk drums in modern, grunge, rock star, powerful, motivational mood. Pictures of hard and energetic upbeat rock scenes, expensive sports American cars, agressive emotions, strong people with sport equipment, gym and adrenaline, confidence and power emotions, young and sexy people. instruments of Dirty Rock – distorted energetic drums – powerful rock bass Dirty Rock is good for Motivational videos, extreme, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals.

Description: This is inspiring ambient cinematic composition with strings and electronic instruments and moods of calm and atmospheric ambient emotions. Pictures of old traveling people in mountains, flying in the sky proud eagles, sacred places and sacred people, people on the nature background, inspiring emotions, nature trailers, children in peace and love, slow motion, beautiful faces of people, hard working people, people in action, freedom people, social and political success, inspirational future, cinematic big aerial scenes, culm planet, space and galaxy, large factories and manufactories. Instruments of Inspiring Ambient - epic drums - ambient synths - inspiring piano - future bass Inspiring Ambient is good for cinematic inspiring ambient videos

Description: Fashion French House Dance Composition

Description: This is a psychedelic electronic track with hallucinate joyful mood. Pictures of narcotic hallucinations, colorful kaleidoscopic patterns, LSD science experiments, psychedelic drugs, magic mushrooms, hypnotizing rotating circles, brain learning, drug trips, mandala kaleidoscope, flying lines. Instruments of Psychedelic Hallucinations - Psychedelic synths - Hallucinations electronic drums and bass Good for psychedelic, hallucinations, abstract and experimental videos.

Description: Underwater Space Soundscape This is ambient soundscape composition with space and underwater world mood. Pictures of scuba divers in the sea, people walking on an underwater aquarium, underwater background world, fishes, sea turtle, Earth Rotating, the world Spinning, Nebula space shuttle, planets of the solar system. Instruments of Underwater Space Soundscape - Underwater synths - Space soundscape Synths Good for any Underwater and Space background music

Description: Awaiting time Simple ambient cinematic composition for counting background effect. Mood of expectation, the arrival of something big, sunrise of a planet, the rise of technology, movement of time, sport background. Instruments of Awaiting time - counting drums - motion melodic effects Good for awaiting and counting demonstration videos etc

Description: Neo Classical Piano and Cello There are two versions of Neo Classical Piano and Cello Full - 2:37 Short - 0:47 This is Neo Classical Piano Composition with cello solo instrument. Mood of calm, tranquility and peace. Slow Neo Classical tempo is good for relax and meditation. Cello melody is good for nostalgia and sadness. Pictures of melancholy, lonely people of nature background, beautiful and cinematic things, documentary and dreamy slow motion, emotional and gentle film, etc Instruments of Neo Classical Piano and Cello - Neo Classical Piano - Neo Classical Cello Good for calm, sad, relax, romantic, sentimental, neo classical videos.

Description: Happy and Sad House Happy and sad contrast house composition with modern and energetic dance mood. There is an alternation of the major and minor in two parts of the composition. Pictures of fashion shows, young people, lovely moods etc. Instruments of Happy and Sad House - dance rhythm drums - happy pinao - sad synths Good for contrast (Happy and Sad) video projects

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