Description: Fast, energetic track, perfect for sport or action videos.

Description: Energetic techno track. A bit dark and suspensful, it would fit perfectly in a documentary during a tense moment.

Description: Big orchestral track. Adventourous and intense, perfect for action scenes, with a touch of gladiator atmosphere. Perfect for a commercial illustrating something strong and powerful.

Description: Very tense and big modern orchestral track. Perfect for war, action or adventure scenes. This track is very straight forward and aggressive. Perfect to illustrate danger. It could be a volcano, an army approaching, an asteroid threatening Earth etc.

Description: Very calm and soothing easy listening track. Perfect for corporate film in the background of a voice over. Also perfect for nice relaxing scenaries and atmospheres.

Description: Modern instrumental hip hop/ triphop, perfect for commercials.

Description: Energetic electro funk rock track. Perfect for sports commercial or documentary. There are several atmospheres within the track.

Description: Energetic, Driving, Motivational, Thrilling and very cinematic music. Perfect for sports films or car commercials.

Description: Several thunder strikes that you can choose from and place wherever needed in your film, documentary or video game. If you are looking for other weather effects, I recommend having a look at this collection:

Description: Dub, cinematic track. A slow and heavy beat with deep bass contrast with the soft vibraphone melody. The track evolves around a tension that builds up until reaching a climax at the end. At 3:05 A break beat layer is added to the beat, enhancing the track.

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