Description: Slow Blues piece performed on grand piano. Very melancholic and reflective feel.

Description: Quirky, happy go lucky track with piano and catchy synths

Description: Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Description: Solid Hip Hop beat, with mysterious piano, harpsichord ans strings. Builds into powerful chorus section. Gripping and dark.

Description: Hardcore modern Dubstep track with solid driving beat and dark, edgy synths.

Description: Groovy, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Ambient, spacious piece with dreamy, floating atmosphere. Great for soundscape and mystery / sci fi scenes.

Description: Cool modern Hip Hop track with simple beat and catchy synths.

Description: Driving Southern Rock track with Country/Blues guitars, solid drum/bass groove and piano.

Description: Catchy electronic track with cool groove and quirky synths

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