Description: Upbeat Dance/Pop track with catchy synths and strongs drum beat. Energetic and uplifting.

Description: Upbeat modern Pop/R&B track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drum/bass groove. Carefree and fun atmosphere.

Description: Cool modern Hip Hop track, with solid groove, electric guitar, vocoder and catchy synths.

Description: Very cheesy Pop track with 80' feel. Happy go lucky atmosphere!

Description: Flowing Alternative Rock track with solid beat and edgy, raw, catchy guitars.

Description: Short, news broadcast track with catchy instumentation and solid, driving beat

Description: Inspiring, quirky Acoustic Folk song with female vocals and light backing.

Description: Comical, happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Description: Lively Cuban track with authentic orchestration

Description: Beautiful Folk piece with acoustic guitar and flute.

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