Description: A short orchestral piece with a Disney-like, magical quirky feel. Great for advertising theme or presentation logo.

Description: Short orchestral piece with flute, strings and harp. Great for scene ending, ID spot or logo.

Description: Short Dramatic stinger with epic orchestral arrangements and percussion. Great for ending a scene!

Description: Magical Disney-style orchestral piece with innocent childish quality.

Description: Short, energetic Action/Adventure track with urgent, tense atmosphere. Great for stinger or scene change.

Description: Short elegant stringer with magical Disney feel. Great for presentations and commercials.

Description: Short, news broadcast track with catchy instumentation and solid, driving beat

Description: Short, emotional piece with piano and strings. Great for scene ending!

Description: A catchy, quirky orchestral piece with a magical Disney-style feel.

Description: A short, catchy Disney-style orchestral piece - great for scene ending, logo or corporate ID.

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