Description: Grungy guitar riffs, mysterious synths and cool electronic drum groove create this gripping action/suspense track.

Description: Powerful, flowing Action/Adventure track with a little mystery. Solid beat with synths and strings

Description: Mystery/Suspense track with solid beat, dark synths and organ.

Description: Powerful electronic track with strong beat and catchy synths. Futuristic feel. Suitable for action, suspense, mystery or sci fi scenes.

Description: Dark and mysterious electronic track with groovy Hip Hop beat, funky guitar samples and sweeping synths. Great for action, suspense, mystery scenes.

Description: Very groovy modern rock track with solid beat, funky, edgy guitars and flowing bass. Sure to get ya movin!

Description: Edgy, groovy modern alternative rock track, with solid beat and driving catchy guitars.

Description: Upbeat, edgy Rock track with slight southern feel. Powerful and dynamic.

Description: Mysterious, lonely piano piece with subtle string backing. Very sparse and delicate arrangements.

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