Description: Upbeat Jazz piece with piano, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Happy, carefree feel.

Description: Jazzy Christmas track capturing the festive spirit.

Description: Hardcore modern Dubstep track with solid driving beat and dark, edgy synths.

Description: Inspiring, quirky Acoustic Folk song with female vocals and light backing.

Description: Dramatic orchestral action piece with gripping film score arrangement

Description: Quirky Country/Folk tune with acoustic guitar, percussion and whistling. Great for commercial advertising or comedy scene.

Description: Sensual, sophisticated Latin Cha Cha Cha, with classy full-band arrangement.

Description: Sophisticated, elegant old-time swing piece with full-band orchestration. Happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Description: Carefree and sophisticated swinging jazz piece with classic old-time sound!

Description: Dramatic orchestral piece with Western feel

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