Description: Sequenced synthesizers, rock guitars and drums play tension-building patterns reminiscent of classic rock tracks. Suggested to underscore sports highlight reels, action scenes, sequences depicting preparation for battle and images involving robotic animation. Key of A minor, 120 beats/min

Description: Laidback, melancholic solo piano arrangement with simple, lush harmony and spacious rhythm motifs suggested for underscoring of love scenes, heartfelt narration, montages, transitions, epilogues, resolutions and nostalgic sequences a la Norman Rockwell. Key of A ends in E, 120 beats/min

Description: 30 second mix of moody synthesizers playing hypnotic patterns with reverse audio effects, drums and step-filtered percussion. suggested for scenes involving altered consciousness.

Description: synthesizers and beatbox percussion play melancholy harmony, trading motifs that resolve in 30 seconds. suggested to accompany scene of boredom, routine or automation.

Description: retro analog synth groove, with clavinet break. suggested for scenes with tension or transition.

Description: rock combo organ inspired by the doors plays pattern over synth bass and drums. suggested for club scenes or energetic transition between scenes.

Description: 30 second mix of sample library strings playing 4 part a/b pattern in chamber music style. suggested for formal scenes.

Description: 30 second mix of synthesizers, piano, and percussion play repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting. suggested for news theme.

Description: 30 second mix of piano playing lush chords with subtle monophonic synthesizer to resolve slow, uplifting a/b progression.

Description: 30 second mix of solo piano trading off patterns, forming a/b structure. suggested for scenes depicting achievement of positive goals.

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