Description: Piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibes, synths and percussion play moody, tango-inspired patterns suggested to underscore dark sequences.

Description: Latin-inspired arrangement featuring ukulele, organ, marimba and percussion suggested to underscore care-free scenes of leisure.

Description: Strings, antique sleigh bells and percussion play A/B arrangement of relaxed melody with counterpoint pizzicato and tremolo motifs, suggested to accompany traditional, nostalgic holiday scenes of family and community gatherings. Key of A, 75 & 69 beats/min

Description: Acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, synths and drums combine for relaxing arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of relaxation.

Description: Laid-back arrangement of piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and strings suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation.

Description: Relaxed piano plays simple, somewhat bittersweet A/B patterns suggested to underscore intimate scenes, uplifting shared moments between loved ones, nostalgia.

Description: An energetic Latin-inspired arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars combined with bass, percussion and subtle flutes.

Description: Piano plays simple, mournful minor melody accompanied by harp in 120 second loop. Suggested for scenes involving tragedy, serious introspection.

Description: Laidback, melancholic solo piano arrangement with simple, lush harmony and spacious rhythm motifs suggested for underscoring of love scenes, heartfelt narration, montages, transitions, epilogues, resolutions and nostalgic sequences a la Norman Rockwell. Key of A ends in E, 120 beats/min

Description: Laid back pop groove with Latin percussion, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums suggested to underscore leisurely scenes.

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