Description: Bittersweet solo piano arrangement using simple melody and counterpoint, suggested to underscore serious narration, scenes of reflection.

Description: Laidback sentimental piano arrangement featuring antique sleigh bells, percussion and subtle synth suggested to underscore warm-hearted winter holiday scenes.

Description: Composition of methodically sequenced synthesizers, piano, marimba and percussion suggested for underscoring of motivational images.

Description: Plucked and bowed strings play slow, sad composition accompanied by piano, suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also to underscore images of natural disaster relief, PSAs and calls to donate. Key of F minor to G minor

Description: Vibes play slow moody, jazz-inspired melodic motifs, accompanied by piano, upright bass, and drums. Suggested for media spots, film sequences, underscoring of scenes involving melancholy, introspection.

Description: Bittersweet, subtle solo piano arrangement in the style of cocktail lounges, suggested to underscore serious narration, scenes of reflection.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, marimba, glockenspiel and non-pitched percussion play relaxed arrangement suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages.

Description: Upright bass, drums and percussion play syncopated moody patterns suggested to underscore scenes of espionage, mystery.

Description: Electric bass guitar, drums, piano and cowbell play syncopated light jazz groove suggested for segments depicting motion, travel and progression.

Description: Strings, flute, piano and percussion trade simple, relaxed motifs suggested to underscore scenes of tranquility, harmony, security and peace of mind. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements, commercials, film soundtracks and media spots. Key of C to D, 120 beats/min

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