Description: Laidback, melancholic solo piano arrangement with simple, lush harmony and spacious rhythm motifs suggested for underscoring of love scenes, heartfelt narration, montages, transitions, epilogues, resolutions and nostalgic sequences a la Norman Rockwell. Key of A ends in E, 120 beats/min

Description: Piano, bass guitar, synthesizer, strings and percussion play moody pattern. Suggested for scenes of intrigue, romance, plotting, scheming, cosmopolitan nightlife and to underscore narration in 15 second TV and radio production spots, public service announcements. Key of A minor

Description: Piano, harp, strings, French horn and percussion accompany simple, bittersweet cello melody in orchestral style. Suggested for main title sequences, nostalgic or romantic montages, corporate presentations, media spots and to underscore animation or slideshows. Key of B

Description: 4 bars, 4/4 time, 142 beats/min, non-pitched drum track with cymbal, kick, snare, hihat, toms, congas, cowbell, tambourine

Description: Pulsating sleigh bells with subtle reverb in 16 second loop, suggested for use in music tracks and Foley applications.

Description: Upright bass plays deliberate tango type pattern accompanied by drums, percussion, piano and vibes. Suggested for underscore of scenes involving mystery, intrigue, espionage and comedic farce situations. C minor

Description: Solo melancholic piano piece, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude, aftermath of tragedy or loss, disaster relief campaigns. Also for sequences involving waiting on critical results i.e. surgery, jury verdicts. Key of C minor

Description: Piano, bass guitar, vibes, drums, additional percussion and strings play energetic arrangement suggested for exercise routines, corporate Powerpoint presentations, Flash animations. Also for urban nightlife sequences. Key of G minor

Description: 2 bars of house influenced mix of beat box and organ bass. Suggested for club scene, tech montage, energy building overture or theme. Key of F minor

Description: 4 bars, 4/4 time, 142 beats/min, non-pitched drum track with cymbal, kick, snare, hihat, toms, congas

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