Description: sparse piano accompanied by pizzicato strings and french horn. suggested for formal scenes with lush settings, similar to arrangement style of desperate housewives score.

Description: piano, bass guitar and percussion combine for laid-back syncopated a/b/a groove that resolves and fades. suggested for relaxed film scenes depicting social ambience, lighter moods.

Description: A/B arrangement of sad, single note piano motif, to quicker animated bridge of subtle optimism, returning to initial pattern. Suggested for scenes of heartbreak, tragedy, natural disaster, underscoring of serious narration, lost love and live theatrical performance use. Key of C Minor

Description: Solo piano plays light jazz riffs. Suggested for minor key cocktail piano scenes, anxious film sequences, depictions of corporate efficiency.

Description: Bittersweet solo piano arrangement using simple melody and counterpoint, suggested to underscore serious narration.

Description: Acoustic and electric pianos, synths and electronic percussion play moody synchopated patterns suggested to underscore chic nightlife, sedate lounge sequences, trancelike formal processions.

Description: Bittersweet, melancholy melody played on piano, digital and analogue synths and percussion.

Description: Solo piano plays sentimental 96 second loop combining simple motifs with close harmony.

Description: Solo piano trades light jazz riffs with simple alternate chord melody. Suggested for minor key cocktail piano scenes, anxious film sequences.

Description: 15 seconds of melancholy piano playing animated pattern between simple opening and closing chords. Suggested for scenes of heartbreak, tragedy and live theatrical performance use

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