Description: Medium slow straight 2/4 time march beat with military style snare, orchestra and synth sound design elements.

Description: Medium tempo light pop rock with positive moving feel.

Description: Lightly orchestrated rubato solemn and transformative piece with hints of synthetic treatment.

Description: Folksy old pioneer 6/8 time major key sound with some light minor key orchestration foreshadowing hardship.

Description: Lively 1950's light rock and roll with a hint of boogie woogie.

Description: Beautiful, peaceful and lyrical americana style with acoustic guitar,mandolin,melodic and some light orchestration.

Description: Slow anticipatory piece that transforms from a dark pipe organ based assurance to a peaceful flute and lightly orchestrated resolution

Description: Medium fast paced, fresh, inspirational with a feeling of accomplishment using voices, orchestra and synths.

Description: Ambient open tempo, dark and suspenseful dreamlike synth and lapsteel.

Description: Medium tempo steel string acoustic guitar and mandolin in a combination of folk music and early European music style

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