Description: This track features keyboard string pizzicato, bells, and flute and has an upbeat and playful quality to it. This music would be appropriate for an animated children's show, video game, or fantasy film.

Description: This song features piano, mandolin, acoustic guitar, viola, and french horn. It has a pastoral, folk-like sound and is reminiscent of a carefree spring day.

Description: Opening with haunting solo piano, the piece builds when rhythmic and ambient keyboards are added. This music will work well in a drama or romance film.

Description: This moody track features keyboard piano, bells, bass, and lead sounds. The song is in a minor key, is somber yet hopeful, and would work well for a movie scene evoking longing, nostalgia, or loss.

Description: Haunting harp and distant piano create a sense of mystery and uncertainty.

Description: Haunting harmonies and a distant piano create a sense of mystery and enchantment. This track would work well in a suspense film.

Description: Upbeat and sultry, this song has a Latin feel and has a catchy melody. The song is for jazz trio and conjures images of a late-night jazz club.

Description: This song starts solo piano and is somber and mournful. Halfway through, the song changes moods to driving and energetic, featuring bass, drums, and guitar.

Description: This song is joyful and uplifting, featuring piano, fiddle, and mandolin. This pastoral song evokes sitting on a back porch, celebrating life.

Description: The song starts as solo piano and gradually builds with bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion. The song is hopeful with an energetic ending.

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