Description: Track in the pop-rock style. The track is not the main melody, it leaves room for creativity. If you have a suitable lyrics, you may have a great song.

Description: Lightweight, quiet track, air Piano. Good for background. Moderates.

Description: This track is suitable for audio video screensavers, and so forth.

Description: This track is associated with jumping on a trampoline. Slow introduction, and a sharp increase in rhythm. Track positive, and well the mood of joy and who wants to jump!

Description: Dance track in the style of "classic trance." good fit where you want to highlight a bright, explosive positive mood.

Description: Track suit where you want to capture the atmosphere of light stress and sadness.

Description: Modern synth-pop Balad. Melodic motif, beautiful synth party.

Description: Track in R&B style, with oriental ethnic motives. Track is recorded without the main melody, it leaves room for creativity. Maybe this music will inspire you to write the lyrics.

Description: Unbridled joy, celebration, and dancing. The track is well suited for such events in real life, and for your video clips.

Description: Easy, melancholic melodies and powerful, "marching" rhythm. This track is able to inspire and unite people for any accomplishments. If you need that kind of music, this track is exactly what you are looking for.

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