Description: Enter the abyss. A dark synthesis of darkness, very creepy and intense, sets the mood for a scary to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Clever and very intricate sound design.

Description: A dramatic space soundtrack, modern and cinematic. Emotional and intense, ready for direct placement in your production.

Description: 90's house music, throwback to the 90's with some music at a pace to keep you working!

Description: The Fallen, a dramatic piece of music perfect for an epic style.

Description: Dreamy and beautiful, made to suit a dreamy sequence, an under water world, inspired by dreams for use in your production.

Description: Action packed thrill ride music, a modern dramatic take on a thematic and climactic soundtrack pumping with adrenaline!

Description: Trance techno - a well produced pounding track for trance and techno fans with the vibe of underground clubbing.

Description: Strut your stuff with a fashion soundtrack with attitude, here comes the girls!

Description: A cool hip hop track with a mellow vibe, chilled and well produced ideal for a street smart production

Description: An ambient piece with electronic synthesis featuring a choir and epic chord progressions lead by a dreamy flute.

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