Description: Jean Michel Jarre inspired piece of electronic music, relying heavily on his style :)

Description: A techno track that evolves into a psychedelic fast past driving beat which progresses into a stereo melody before grinding to a halt.

Description: An experimental Jazzy housey hip hop based retro funk groovy tune, ideal for workouts.

Description: Funky fun a smooth funky loop that can be seamlessly repeated, loop it to hear it at its best.

Description: Comedy silly funny

Description: A fun synthesis intro followed by deep and intricate house music, energetic and lively.

Description: A custom created work-out track at jogging pace which elevates to a running speed and back to jogging, then elevates to running once more, and back to jogging. Make the most of your workout by using music with pace enhancement!

Description: An acid house grunge tune with heavy guitars, male vocals and a pumping fresh beat!

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