Description: A power pop anthem with dark chord structure and heavy guitars and synths/pads. Contains elements of electronic, hip hop and wah-wah guitar.

Description: Motivational, contemporary modern, pop rock with layered guitars and heavy rock drums driving the spirit of the track along with an emotional bridge section.

Description: strange weaving bass and string-like synth lines. images of tubes, the future, subway or commuter trains.

Description: pumping synth techno track with pretty shining arpeggio that sounds like plucked strings layered in the distance.

Description: upbeat mix of driving drums, techno dance electro percussion and intense guitar.

Description: progressive rock distorted guitar playing melodic power chords and an intense tribal drumbeat.

Description: overdriven melodic guitar power chords, rhodes piano loop and a driving rock/hip-hop beat.

Description: upbeat, funky guitar vamp, overdriven melodic guitar power chords and a driving rock/hip-hop beat.

Description: heavy overdriven guitar riff with a middle eastern feel, hip-hop drums and percussive electro arpeggio.

Description: heavy driving, energetic electric guitar riff rock song. good for sports, fighting, action or adventure sequence.

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