Description: Positive, soaring upbeat rock instrumental track with pop rock guitars for corporate, commercial or celebratory moments.

Description: dark, down heavy electric guitar metal song with driving drums. features an odd guitar track that sounds like a jaw harp.

Description: Pads, mellotron, sirens and a hip hop beat. This track features the grit of a needle on an LP vinyl record...remember those?

Description: Modern rock track with elements of classic rock, pop, blues, and country guitar. Conjures up feelings of loneliness at the same time allowing a sense that there may be better times ahead and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Description: Motivational, contemporary modern, pop rock with layered guitars and heavy rock drums driving the spirit of the track along with an emotional bridge section.

Description: An uplifting hopeful anthem which would work for a nature, outdoors or sports application. Full band with powerful electric guitars crashing over bright acoustic guitar chords. Features a mid section with a guitar mimicking a flute/whistle like tribal melody.

Description: The track features ambient textures and pads, and a combination of Acoustic Guitar and both clean and overdriven Electric Guitar.

Description: Full band pop track, with guitar, bass and drums. Powerful and emotional track with a forceful driving beat and determined feel.

Description: An electronic track with elements of pop, hip hop and dance. Perfect for reality show score for a club or bar scene background or a night out hitting the streets.

Description: A driving and energetic pop rock track to convey feeling of love, pain, power and hope.

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