Description: intense, dramatic, action with a steady ryhthm from the acoustic piano throughout the track.

Description: loads of atmosphere in this track. great feel and mood..uplifting and positive....also ethereal with a bit a funk vibe thrown in.

Description: intense and atmospheric cool track with mainly electronic elements. repetative bass line.

Description: new-age track featuring acoustic guitar and piano. medium-tempo and very positive and uplifting. in the style you might hear from john tesh...

Description: a lively, modern african sound with horn sectioin.

Description: a delghtful new age piano piece.

Description: heavy metal jam and guitar wail.

Description: cute track-young child on a tropical beach ( polynesia?)--very soft and sweet.

Description: a short, swingin' little number with acoustic piano, upright bass and drums (brushes).

Description: a lively, rural african sound on this track. a few african chants and electric piano add flavor here too.

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