Description: Cool Beat and Riff, Slow, Groovy

Description: Fun, Dance, Hard, Hip Hop Groovy

Description: The classic Jingle Bells play by an Acoustic Guitar in Jazzy mood

Description: Inspirational Alternative Rock With Distorted Guitar Sing A nice Melody

Description: Hard Rock Guitars , Drum, Bass, For Sport Action, Fight Scene, Aggressive Commercial

Description: Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Fun, Happy, Cheerful

Description: Acoustic Guitars, Nylon Guitar, Slide Guitar, Relaxing, Romantic, Very Sweet

Description: Acoustic Guitar, Mini Guitar, Harmonica, Very Soft, Smooth, Romantic, Sweet Melody

Description: Men And Women in a Very Soft Jazzy Harmony and Melody, Light and Simple

Description: Ukulele, African Percussion, Harp, Flute, Nice Relaxing Atmosphere, Take A beer And......

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