Description: Beautiful yet haunting piano/strings in the style of 'The Exorsist'.

Description: Motivated & triumphant Olympic theme great for exercise and sporting events. 60 seconds.

Description: Scary psycho style strings & piano over an eerie soundscape of terror.

Description: Uneasy, disturbing & frightening track with eerie piano and psycho strings.

Description: Classic military marching beat on the snare & bass drums.

Description: High energy rock 70's style. Great for commercial or 30 second workout.

Description: Grand instrumental version of Canada's national anthem.

Description: Up-tempo drum solo ideal as a stinger, segue or workout motivation.

Description: Uplifting, clean & crisp 12 string acoustic guitar instrumental with strings. Exactly 30 seconds. Great for creating a mood.

Description: 15 seonds of african congo style drumming with fadeout makes an ideal segue or stinger for your production.

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