Description: Indian style electronic breakbeat with traditional indian instruments, such as sitar, bansuri, morsing and percussion.

Description: Powerful and energetic dubstep track with distorted electric guitar, deep bassline and catching melody.

Description: Groovy background house track with funky guitar, energetic rhythm and old school synth.

Description: Positive and energetic reggae style drum'n'bass track with acoustic guitar, violin strings, fast beat and deep bassline.

Description: Driving and energetic electronic track with distorted guitar, heavy bassline and massive drums.

Description: Positive african track featuring traditional instruments, such as Balafon, Flute, Bolon with drums and percussion.

Description: Energetic liquid funk track with punchy drums, powerful bassline and futuristic sounds.

Description: Atmospheric house track with beautiful melody, wide pads, violin strings and light rhythm. Perfect for using as a background music in time lapse videos.

Description: Energrtic dubstep track with electric guitar, powerful beat and glitchy effects.

Description: Epic dubstep track with strings, percussion, deep bass and powerful beat. Best for using as a soundtrack for action and sci-fi trailers or movies.

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