Description: Tell her you love her without actually using the words. This track has a lovely piano rhythm, it’s a easy listening song that will compliment any romantic story, or any positive, inspirational media projects. Let the one you love know about your feelings for her. This track will suit any Valentine, wedding and/or love related project.

Description: An elegant track with a romantic feel, “Walking With You” suits even the most demanding video projects. This song was inspired by the happiness, the serenity, the inner peace one feels when is living a moment of pure love, complete serenity, divine silence, in full tune with the nature.

Description: Let yourself taken on a spiritual journey. Road to Damascus is a easy-listening chill-out track with a very nice oriental influence. Dream, free your mind and soul and let the music cure your heart and fill it with joy.

Description: This logo is short enough and catchy to make your video intro or video opening sequence catch your audience attention. It starts with a nice whoosh, builds on a music that fits any corporate or tech savvy logo and ends with a slightly different swoosh. Music body fades out slowly making it easy for you to transition from the intro to the body of your video project. You can also use it for your closing sequence – just give it a try and you’ll see it can work as well as it does on the intro.

Description: “Summer Day” is a very positive track suitable for any summer holiday related projects. It has nice dreamy flutes and catchy percussion.

Description: This new-age track can compliment any multimedia project that is related to the Middle East. It has a feel of romance, dream, positiveness.

Description: “Dreaming of You” is a romantic, mellow song with a kind of solemn feel. This track can compliment any romantic, dramatic, epic video project, as well as documentaries. It also makes you dream of and remember a wonderful story you lived at some point in your life.

Description: Struggle for Hope is an inspiring song that makes you remember the past and envision your future. It inspires peace, hope and confidence. It has a determined motivational drum base with ethereal voices which makes it suitable for any cinematic or dramatic projects.

Description: This song has a hip-hop rhythm and a sort of chill-out feel in it. It will compliment any multimedia project. Have it play over and over again – it loops perfectly.

Description: A kinda childish yet catchy rhythm with hip-hop influences. This track will make you move and give you a positive energy.

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