Description: Jazzy, swing track with guitar and piano. Steady beat with light drums in the background. Great for a bleusy or lounge ambience.

Description: Aggressive rock track with driving guitar riffs and loud percussion. Similar to 80s or 90s metal rock; sounds like Smashing Pumpkins. Very good for competition or competitive ambience.

Description: Jazzy blues track with steady beat and a guitar solo. Piano in the background. Great for an urban or modern ambience or feel.

Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of D. Funky Blues guitar partnered with energetic drums.

Description: Blues played in the Key of B Minor. Steady rhythmic drumming partnered by blues guitar

Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of A. Rhythmic guitar with light drumming

Description: Acoustic guitar, banjo and like bass combine to form this country track. Light and fun. Banjo provides an authentic feel.

Description: Psychedelic Rock Blues Track in the Style of The YardBirds in the Key of E

Description: 53 Second Edit. Funky guitar, bass and snare drum all combine for a rhythmic, groovy track.

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