Description: romantic trumpet melody with smooth jazz background. nice piano solo and funky guitar rhythms. uplifting and revitalizing!.

Description: hot funk from the top - brecker brothers meets santana. tight horn section - trumpet, sax, trombone with blazing guitar and synth solos.

Description: innovative 5/4 latin funk groove - flamenco mood smooth jazz with great piano, muted trombone, and classical guitar solos. nice relaxed energy.

Description: keywords: relaxed sophisticated peaceful articulate adventurous innovative.

Description: medium-slow serious swing, minor key - dark but energetic and playful. bebop chord changes and melody with interesting twists. great musical interplay.

Description: sweeping guitar chords, soaring trumpet melody, funky drums, grand piano. mood music with groove - serious smooth jazz.

Description: super-funk guitars, a la james brown, with horns. jazzy bridge with interweaving horn lines. pop - jazz guitar melody with heavy rock ending.

Description: serious jive funk - cool urban hip with funky jazz & blues. syncopated rhythmic surprises, cool chord changes. great guitar and trombone solos.

Description: jazz-rock energy. classical music meets smooth jazz and blues. interesting chord progressions and great trombone, piano and guitar solos, pyrotechnic drums.

Description: the smoothest of the smooth - brazilian guitar and muted trumpet. beautiful grand piano solo, nice easy groove in the percussion and bass.

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