Description: rough and tough, urban hip hop style groove with dj scratching and distorted bassy sounds.

Description: A simple, calm and elegant solo piano track. It has a slightly sombre yet uplifting quality to it. The track remains with a steady and simple flow and builds nicely to a warm and positive finish. Great for advertising, videos and for providing a pleasant backdrop.

Description: acoustic led groove with a strong guitar melody. sounds like dj shadow.

Description: slow. scenic and joyful music track with xylophone melody, piano and soothing strings.

Description: Big, solid, powerful and dominant corporate and business style theme

Description: Gentle and soft string/harp theme with definite sunshine/sunrise vibes and ocean sounds

Description: Quirky guitars and a music box provide a simple and upbeat tune. A perfect track to brighten your day and provide a positive background. Excellent for use in commercials, TV, Radio and corporate productions.

Description: Up-tempo. Deep sub bass. Electronic beats. Thick drones and layers. Industrial sounding rhythms. Disco style synths.

Description: Large scale orchestral work. Foreboding atmosphere with an approach to war like theme. Punchy string melodies soar above large scale percussion. Epic piece. Great for game trailer or scene setting.

Description: Feel good house style theme with pleasant, soft melodies, deep bass and non intrusive rhythm

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