Description: Soft and inspiring piano based track. This short track starts with a lovely piano hook that is complimented by guitars and strings and builds to an optimistic climax.

Description: Fast paced corporate class. Digital pulses, huge pads and fast beats. Uplifting and invigorating.

Description: Up-tempo. Deep sub bass. Electronic beats. Thick drones and layers. Industrial sounding rhythms. Disco style synths.

Description: Soft, warm and melodic. A happy and revitalising music track. Mid-tempo. Main rhythm kicks in at about 40 seconds into the full length version

Description: Large scale orchestral work. Foreboding atmosphere with an approach to war like theme. Punchy string melodies soar above large scale percussion. Epic piece. Great for game trailer or scene setting.

Description: Funky house groove. Bar/beach music. A Daft-punk like intro is followed by soft rhodes and hooky strings

Description: A mellow and thoughtful track. A slightly sombre piano motif is complimented by soothing bass and warm pads. Provides a great subtle backing track and great for corporate and documentary use. Warm, mellow and thought provoking.

Description: Fast moving pianos start the track and give it a melancholic yet positive feel. The track flows nicely and features smooth drums and a heavy yet soft bass.

Description: A soulful jazzy track featuring laid back rhodes and funky bass.

Description: slow. scenic and joyful music track with xylophone melody, piano and soothing strings.

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