Description: rough and tough, urban hip hop style groove with dj scratching and distorted bassy sounds.

Description: Pleasant and uplifting ambient / electronica track. A subtle and airy acoustic guitar riff is complimented by soft strings and pads. Fast moving beats and bells complete the dreamy and floaty track. Non intrusive.

Description: piano, strings and modern style drums. an easy-going track highly suitable for corporate presentation.

Description: A laid back yet positive and uplifting piece. This track groves along nicely with subtle synth lines and pianos providing a perfect bed. It's a perfect addition to corporate presentations and videos. Provides warm, positive, uplifting and motivational feelings.

Description: A sense of longing and hope is provided by warm and subtle pianos. This track is thought provoking and mellow. Dreamy emotions are conjured up by soft electric guitar rhythms than float over the soft pianos and drums. A perfect back drop for an emotive presentation or advertisement.

Description: Hopeful and uplifting corporate piece. Starts with a fast moving and subtle piano slowly building into a positive grove featuring rock guitars and drums. Motivating and uplifting piece. Great for corporate use.

Description: Epic orchestral piece. Simple glockenspiel expands into flowing strings. Hopeful and uplifting.

Description: Conveying that real 'good feeling', this is a positive, soft but modern electronica track suitable for any public of any age. Commercial class.

Description: A deep moody track that has a resonating pulse and chilled beats, layered with strings. Ambient class

Description: Cool business theme featuring a nice electric piano lick and soft drums. Positive business theme

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