Description: Long, thick, modern freight train horn with perspective. 1x. Stereo.

Description: Powerful burst of steam release with tail out to stop. Stereo.

Description: Thick old fashion expressive steam train whistle. 1x

Description: Perfect for a diesel freight train or similar of various vintages. Two horn blows. Some train background. Live recording. Nice natural pitch articulation.

Description: Rhythmic pattern clack 2 of a passenger/freight train. Close. Mono.

Description: Train is off in the distance but slowly coming closer. No train wheels. Horn only. Good articulations. Short bursts ending a long one with a final honk. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Modern hi-speed commuter train, very close medium fast by. Very faint train bells. Stereo.

Description: Rhythmic pattern clack of freight/passenger train wheels. Mono.

Description: Train speeds by. Powerful stereo recording with HQ mics. Third in a series. Nice clacking away.

Description: Strong by with loud horn blowing. Stereo field recording. More whistle blows as the train speeds away in the distance.

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