Description: Police car trying to pull over another vehicle. Field recording. Short bursts.

Description: Nice wood door open and close. 2 variations. Stereo.

Description: Running past a stationary microphone. Stereo.

Description: Starts very far and gets closer. Siren rises and falls then goes into yelper mode. Recorded at a very far distance.

Description: Nice sounding wood door open and close. 3 variations. Mono.

Description: Actual running sound. Exterior hard surface. JO

Description: Asian, English, Mideast and I think African voices at the international airport lobby. Stereo. Live recording.

Description: Very quick articulate burst of police siren. Field recording in traffic. No traffic background.

Description: Calm, chirping bird, distant stream, wind through leaves. Stereo.

Description: Actual running on grasslike surface. Exterior. Mono.

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