Description: Old medium large gas engine. Deep rhythmic combustion. Stereo.

Description: Close on the exhaust pipe of an old gas engine. Rhythmic, piston like action. Stereo.

Description: Medium fast, rhythmic churning of an old gas engine. Stereo.

Description: Close on the idling engine of a vintage tractor. Stereo.

Description: Rhythmic hissing of an old tractor engine starting up. Stereo.

Description: Large churning of an old farm machine. Stereo.

Description: Churning of a large vintage fuel based farm machine. Stereo.

Description: Single piston like churn of a big industrial stamping machine. Mono.

Description: Single cutting action of a large industrial metal shearer. Mono

Description: Strong, steady, wind with deep, hollow resonant overtones. Stereo.

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