Description: Very quick articulate burst of police siren. Field recording in traffic. No traffic background.

Description: White burst transitional enhancer. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Double white flash burst fx. Stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Ultra fast movie film fx good for cgi, animation, live action or graphics enhancement. stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Ultra fast writing enhancer for graphics, cgi, animation or live action. Stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Fast whoosh by for graphics, animation, live action or cgi. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Laser type super fast whoosh for wipes and other transitions used in animation, graphics, live action or cgi. stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Super fast animated graphic or cgi enhancer. 2x stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Fast flash by animated graphics of cgi enhancers. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Sizzle out animated graphic enhancer. Good for transitional graphics. Multilayered. Stereo.

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