Description: 2 versions of a chair or stool falling. The second version is good for off screen. Mono.

Description: Fire truck approaches, passes close with horns blaring, good away. Stereo. City street. No traffic. Clean horns. Great.

Description: Quiet room with a little movement, cloth rubbing and unobtrusive creaks. Mono. Field recording. No voices.

Description: Wind gusting through green leaves. Light birds at tail out. Stereo field recording.

Description: Explosive arcing whoosh by. Stereo.

Description: Series of various train whistles and horns recorded with distance. stereo. Part 2 of a series.

Description: Mics were placed in a verdant valley on Oahu. Dawn came and the birds began to sing. Stereo. Part of a series.

Description: The stereo mics were set up in a verdant valley as the sun was raising. Nice tone. Very Hawaii or tropical without being overbearing.

Description: The stereo mics were placed in a residential backyard with lots of trees. They captured various small chirps, distant hoots and a closer song. Nice and authentic

Description: Distant blade thumping of a military type helicopter approaching. Stereo. Variation of an earlier post.

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