Description: Sweet sounding Yahloo meows for her dinner. Close up. In stereo.

Description: Dry rising and falling wind with overtone. Strong breeze at the end. Stereo.

Description: Various pieces of metal dangling in the wind. Second half is closer. In Stereo.

Description: Modern commuter passenger train. Four steam type whistle blows of varying length. Minimal to absent engine sound. The train is receding in the distance. Stereo. Recorded at a distance in an urban area but the whistles are fairly clean of background noises. Part of a series.

Description: Great old tractor at a construction site. Start with off. Runs, revs and goes away. Stereo. Close recording. Can double for a tank etc.

Description: Great old diesel tractor at a construction site. Start, run, idle, off, revs, backup up, forward and away. Close mic. Doubles a military tank. Stereo field recording.

Description: Train is off in the distance but slowly coming closer. No train wheels. Horn only. Good articulations. Short bursts ending a long one with a final honk. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Seagull single cry in flight. Two of a series. Clean of bg. Slightly higher pitch and longer then cry 1. Stereo. Recorded over a lake.

Description: Seagull in flight. Single cry close. Clean bg. At a lake. Stereo field recording.

Description: Gentle slosh at waters edge. Water lapping for frequency. Stereo. Field recording. At a lake but can be beach/ocean etc.

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