Description: Wide open field with far off tree line. Stereo.

Description: Fast movie film type graphic scroll. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Super fast wipe or arrow with animated graphics. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Super fast swoosh movement animated graphic enhancer. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Thick, fairly transparent whoosh by from single, powerful moving source. 3 speeds. Dry. Add reverb for longer tail or to place in space. Stereo.

Description: Characteristic humming sound from a large airborne blimp. Stereo.

Description: Yellow school bus door close with nice details including air hiss, accordion squeak and sliding engage. Mono.

Description: Fast slide in wipe animated graphic or cgi enhancer. Multilayered. Stereo.

Description: Large Las Vegas Casino ambience from an overlook position. Stereo. Electronic gambling machines and walla.

Description: Fast sliding animated graphic or similar movement enhancer. Multi layered. Stereo.

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