Description: A wide open field or playground with lots of voices from a perspective. Stereo.

Description: Group screams coming from a carnival ride. In the distance then closer. Stereo.

Description: Stereo farm background with chicken clucks and distant banging of windmill.

Description: Yacht harbor mooring with gentle multiple jangling of mast cables. Stereo.

Description: Traffic, voices, movement, horns. Busy. Stereo.

Description: Multiple emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. City background. Stereo.

Description: Large crowd walla. Milling or lining up. Outside a concert or like upscale event. Stereo.

Description: Various crowd noises during a major marathon race. Continuous take. Cheers. Walla, Claps, etc. Busy.

Description: Exterior modern shopping mall. Stereo. Busy with depth. Some close voices.

Description: Authentic cow hands rounding up cattle off/on a feedlot truck.

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