Description: Real flag rustles. Brisk rustles.

Description: Miners dig with pick axes in an underground coal mine. Mono.

Description: Quasi wind instrument like musical drone to signify mystery, danger, tension or awe etc.

Description: 3 new and different emergency vehicle sirens to add to your collection. City recordings but no other traffic and very low ambience. Police. Paramedics. Fire Truck. Stereo.

Description: University exterior ambience w voices, footsteps and general background sounds. Stereo.

Description: Rising wind through trees that levels off. Some distant lakeside bird calls can be heard. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Layered gusting winds with good tone and movement. Stereo. Good for outside or inside.

Description: Bicycle recorded in motion with good sense of forward movement. Mono.

Description: Busy with voices. No locker slams. Nice tone. Stereo.

Description: Sliding metal prison door with various degrees of impact. From soft to hard. Stereo. Raw recording with some prison background.

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